My Design Process

Though not every project is the same, generally speaking, I approach every project using the essential toolkit and suitable process. Creativity is a never ending process of constant learning, iterating and questioning to create truly human design

  • Step 1.


    Here I gain insight, I question every part of the brief and distill it down to it's core values. I then dive right into my primary and secondary research. I organise the findings and insights which result in a revamped brief. Furthermore, this process is not linear. In reality, I am prepared to be agile and go back and forth at any point.

  • Step 2.


    Once I have obtained the right question to answer or the correct problem to solve, I make certain that I have done this the right way. This is all about strictly following.

    Step 2.


  • Step 3.

    Develop/ Ideation

    Ideation! This is possibly my favourite stage. Anything can happen at this stage as I usually like to introduce and collaborative process to the Ideation stage. The ideas are then built into an MVP prototype.


  • Step 4.

    Deliver /Implementation

    Once I am done I might go back to start and do it all over again because there are always things to be improved.

    Step 4.

    Deliver /Implementation
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Underated London

Creative Direction, Brand Identity, UX Strategy, Social Content Creation and Management, User Experience, Digital Direction and Design.

Co-founded and Director of Menswear fashion label which has been brought to stores like Urban Outfitters, and Topman

A custodian of the creative vision for Underated across all channels. Ensure the visual proposition strategy and Brand Strategy Visually proclaim the big ideas for the season digitally and in-store. Direct team members to ensure brand integrity is maintained.

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Reel gives users 'real' recommendations on films and tv based on personally curated collections. It is not exclusive to these movie partisans as Reel opens up their knowledge to a wider audience who want to discover new films

Most of us are bombarded with requests to watch the latest film or TV series. Stefano is no stranger to this and has trouble managing his time and who to trust when it comes to watching a new tv series. He like many of us has a nostalgic feeling towards his film collection and misses the physical DVD/VHS collection we all have grown up with.

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Art Council England

How do we engage people with the Arts & Culture in London

Our challenge was to promote future engagement by both residents and visitors from around the globe. We hope to find a digital solution that will boost participation, learning, and recognition for London as a world capital for arts and culture.

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Goodgym chidi nwaubani

Do Good Get Fit.

Working with the stakeholders from Goodgym, we worked to not only increase the sign-up rate but increase the quality of sign-ups. By improving the homepage and the sign-up process for the users, we were able to achieve more quality users who went on to run and do good deeds. We decreased homepage bounce rate and the signup conversion rate increased on the desktop website.

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Key Skills

I have managed to develop a wide and varied skillset working for a range of clients on small and large projects alike. Here are some of the skills i’m particularly proud of.


UX Principles

Business Strategy